Forum: Possibilities for Imagining and Practicing Higher Education Otherwise

In response to recent disruptions of “business as usual” – first the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the uprisings against anti-Black violence and for Black life – some higher education scholars and practitioners have sought a quick “return to normal.” But others have begun (or in some cases, continued) to ask different kinds of questions. In particular: What if a return to “normal” is not only unlikely, but undesirable? What if the ways of knowing, being, and relating that are understood as “normal” are precisely the root causes of current crises? What if the existing conceptual and practical tools of the higher education field are no longer (and perhaps never were) sufficient for responding ethically and effectively to the numerous local and global crises that we face in higher education, and in general? And finally, if these crises are only a preview of more waves of disruption and instability to come, then how can we prepare higher education scholars and practitioners to respond in more socially and ecologically accountable ways? This forum is an effort to respond to these questions.

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